Green is the new pink.

For years the old pink color of traditional fiberglass pretty much  became synonymous with insulation. But today people are looking for  new environmentally-friendly options that will insulate their homes  and offices while at the same time making less of an offensive impact  on nature.

There are plenty of green choices in modern insulation — recycled  materials like old newspapers, denim, wool, and hemp are now being  used as replacements and improvements over the old fiberglass.  Spray-on insulation even has a significant amount of Castor Oil in it  and all the old timers out there will remember the health benefits of  this cure-all from the past, although you probably won’t get the same  health boost from having it inside your wall.

The bottom line in any insulation is performance, so a quick  comparison of the R-value ratings of the green options will help you  find the insulation that is perfect for your situation. And if you have any questions or concerns, your Standard Insulating professionals  are here to help with our knowledgeable input.

To make your switch to being green even greener (as in saving  greenbacks), right now you can take advantage of not only the everyday  energy savings of new and improved insulation but also save up to 50  percent of the cost of the project thanks to ENERGY STAR.

You can now qualify to receive up to half the cost of that new  insulation thanks to the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR  program, plus receive low financing options and reduce your future  energy bills by up to 40 percent. That will make the project pay for  itself in no time!

Go green and you’ll likely save some green at the same time. For more  info, call Standard Insulating today at 738-1424 or log on to: