Sometimes, having a positive impact on the planet and reducing your carbon footprint starts at home. And one of the best ways that you can start going green? Your home insulation! Energy costs and concern for the environment are both on the rise, so cutting back on the amount of energy you use at home is the first step you can take to help. A house that has been well insulated and sealed can be heated and cooled much more efficiently – which reduces your energy bill and helps you live greener.

The areas of your home you’ll want to consider insulating include your exterior walls, your floors, and your attic and basement. You’ll also want to seal air leaks in your home, like those around windows and doors, as well as your attic, basement and crawlspaces. You might not be aware of it, but a properly insulated basement can save you hundreds per year. Because of moisture, insect and vermin concerns, insulating your basement can be problematic, so the best solution is to have a contractor like Standard Insulating Co. thoroughly assess your home and find where insulating will be most beneficial.

And, for those of you who want to take “going green” to the next level, Standard Insulating also offers green foam insulation. Our green foam is formulated with renewable or recycled content at or exceeding specification. It utilizes a high-yield castor oil material, reducing the need for petroleum-based polyol. Castor oil is a naturally occurring ingredient that is safe enough for use in personal care items such as lip balm! Additionally:

  • Castor oil is 100 percent naturally filtered with no chemical additives required.
  • Castor crops are non-irrigated and rely only on natural rainfall, saving scarce water supplies.
  • Production process has low energy dependence, consisting of simply de-husking and pressing. Harvesting is manual.
  • Castor oil has a greater yield by weight than other oils such as soya.
  • Castor is rapidly renewable, requiring a 10-year or less re-growth time frame.

The best way you can find out how insulating your home can help you go green is by contacting Standard Insulating Co. We’ll provide a whole-house analysis of your energy usage, and we’ll show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint while saving on your energy bills and enjoying improved home comfort. Simply give us a call at  315-738-1424, and we’ll be happy to show you how to go green with better insulation.